Why you need hosting? 

Computer is one of the modern inventions and it has made the life more flexible. Internet is the new dimension of the modern science which is not only the ornament of science but also the basic need of human life. Without the internet, we can’t think of a single day in this period. The importance of the internet can never be expressed by general description and website is the hart of the internet. If you are member of modern world, then you must have a website and to make your site live you have to keep that site at a hosting server. To make the service global, you must host the website in reliable server.

Web Hosting Types 

Web hosting may be different in types depending on varieties aspects. From the business prospective of view, we can classify the hosting into two types. Reseller web hosting and directly bought web hosting. If X is the website hosting provider and if you buy your hosting service from the registered hosting service provider then you are dealing with company directly. Directly bought hosting may be paid or free web hosting. In reseller web hosting, customer buy hosting service from a reseller or from a third party who is dealing with the original hosting service provider. We’ll not go detail of the features of them in this article.

In terms of usable resources, hosting can be three types of mainly. They are:
  1.  Shared hosting,
  2. Virtual private server and
  3. Dedicated hosting.

Free web hosting

You will get some providers those permit you to host your website in free cost and they also give you a domain name which is actually the sub domain. Free hosting is cost effective but has some restrictions and problem in using the service.

Shared web hosting:

Shared web hosting is now popular and is used by a number of people. In this service you can get place for hosting your website along with the other websites. But the clients get separate control panel and some features though they are not similar to the services of dedicated hosting services. Shared web hosting is cost effective and a single administrator can control and observe the services. Here is the main issue for getting the advantage from the shared web hosting. This service is one of the most used services in this period. Most of the people get this service because they have no capability to manage the dedicated hosting.

The bandwidth in shared web hosting is distributed among all the hosted websites and that is the demerits of shared web hosting. For the hosting service provider, the maintenance is difficult for shared web hosting because the administrator has to look over all the websites at a time. The algorithm is complex to distribute the services of the server and they are mainly equally distributed. Some techniques may be applied to distribute the bandwidth manually.


The security of shared web hosting is not so strong like the dedicated server because a number of websites are hosted in a single server. Some logics and techniques are applied to improve the shared hosting services because they are used everywhere. For that reason, shared service is also developing day by day. All the servers are strong enough to serve the purposes of websites and some technical algorithms and mechanisms are applied to give the maximum services among the hosted websites. The browser of the website gets lowed bandwidth but the owner of the site can give the services with lower cost.

VPS hosting:

Virtual private server is designed to ensure better resource usability for the clients. Fixed resources are allocated for a specific client and the client has to pay fixed amount in a predefined time interval.  

Dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting ensures to provide resources on demand basis. Shared web hosting is fully different from the dedicated hosting services. Large companies and industries mainly use this type of services. In dedicated hosting, one administrator is required for maintaining the server and a single machine is used for hosting one website. It is very expensive and is not applicable for all kinds of clients. 

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